Research & Development

AIS’s roots trace directly to cyber and information security and our well documented contributions are proof. Since 2001, AIS has been working closely with government agencies, academic and business partners to research, develop and deploy cutting-edge security offerings, while also working to influence future security trends that align with emerging technologies and threats.

Digital Forensic Services

In accordance with best practice and customer expectations, AIS is committed to ensuring forensic soundness throughout the life-cycle of a digital investigation. Data integrity must be maintained at all times and AIS ensures that electronic media is properly secured from the point of initial contact, through reporting and presentation.

Cyber Security Assessments

AIS’s Cyber and Information Security Assessment services are designed to assist businesses with safeguarding their sensitive information, communications, infrastructure and critical assets from ever expanding and dynamic threats. Our assessments are tailored to address each customer’s immediate needs and are able to address a wide spectrum of potential vulnerability points.

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