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The Furnace Technology Transfer Accelerator is an innovative startup accelerator designed to form, incubate and launch new companies.  Each company is created to license technology and intellectual property from New York’s Air Force Research Lab in Rome, NY.   The Furnace Accelerator and AFRL/RI are partnering with universities and economic development organizations statewide to make these technologies available to entrepreneurs across the region.  Furnace is an intensive, nine-month accelerator experience for startups, which provides seed funding, office space, and access to top industry mentors to commercialize discoveries made in Air Force laboratories. To learn more about Furnace, please contact Wiley Larsen at [email protected] or by calling 480-884-1803.


New York Furnace  makes more than 50 technologies from AFRL’s Rome Laboratory available to the general public for commercialization. To view the technologies, click below and log in.

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Ready to Apply?


Entrepreneurs, scientists, researchers, techies and business professionals are all eligible to apply for Furnace.  Technologies eligible for Furnace may be found via the “technologies” link.  All of these technologies are available for license from the participating research institution(s).


All furnace applications must be submitted by NEW companies.  Existing companies with paid employees, grants, or revenues are not eligible.  Applicants will be scored heavily on the merits of the team submitting the proposal.  The judging panel will look for teams that have a diverse set of talents and that have members with startup experience.  Teams are sought.  It is highly unlikely that individuals will be put through to the final round of judging interviews.


Because these are new companies with new technologies, full business plans are not expected.  However, careful attention will be placed on the business model and the method(s) of revenue generation from the technology/company.


The New York competition for 2014 is open and will close December 1.  CLICK HERE TO APPLY.


Contact Us

  Wiley Larsen [email protected]   FURNACE AT ASU SKYSONG 1475 N Scottsdale Road, Suite 200 Scottsdale, AZ 85257 480-884-1860 [email protected]