Commercialization Academy

The Commercialization Academy is a Griffiss Institute entrepreneurial education program sponsored by the Air Force Research Laboratory Information Directorate (AFRL/RI). The Academy is run by The Alva Group under contract to the Griffiss Institute.  The Academy pairs students with high-potential AFRL technologies with the goals of developing entrepreneurial leaders and launching new technology ventures.

The Academy is an educational program at its core, but it makes the AFRL technology screening, licensing, and venture acceleration processes scalable, sustainable and more effective. The Academy has been adapted from a three-semester MBA program at the University of Illinois, the “Technology Ventures Program” and has three main components:

  • Technology assessments and entrepreneur education
  • Business modeling
  • Licensing and venture acceleration

The inaugural Academy (2014) featured a select group of 24 students from 11 universities in NY. During the fall term, students developed business models and cases for select AFRL technologies, and several obtained licenses and will continue their businesses.

Commercialization Academy Showcase